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McMahon Massage – Serving Boulder, Colorado


Our health is not a luxury. In this age when healthcare is getting increasingly complicated, it is imperative that we take better care of ourselves. Our whole body (body, mind, spirit) is a fine tuned machine. While there are many factors that go into our health, including diet, sleep and exercise, Massage Therapy also plays a critical role. In a 2010 study, scientists at Cedars-Sinai found 2/3 of subjects receiving Swedish massage had an immune boosting response. Massage isn’t just about feeling good; it is about staying healthy so we can perform our best.  I welcome the opportunity to work with you!  -Keira McMahon, LMT, BCTMB


McMahon Massage also specializes in sports massage.


“Keira’s excellent therapy has changed the quality of my life and I recommend her without reservation.”– Steve G., Pastor
“I love that she doesn’t follow a set formula for her work but, rather, listens to what I need and fashions each massage to that end.”  -John L., Musician
Keira is not only a talented massage therapist, but a true technical master of her craft. She brings an extensive toolset of massage techniques to the table, providing not just a relaxing massage, but true therapeutic work.  -David B., Acupuncturist
“In addition to the therapeutic value of my medical treatment from Keira, she is hugely empathetic and appreciates that with injury comes emotion.“ – Karen C., Consultant
“I have been seeing Keira for 4 years, she keeps me moving, makes my life possible and helps me reach what was once impossible.” – Jennifer L., Interior Designer

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