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Deep Tissue Massage

An overused term in the industry, a deep tissue massage simply implies depth of pressure. My Deep Tissue work is based on Swedish Therapeutic Massage. It is effective for promoting deep relaxation, increased circulation and decreased muscle tension. It also reminds the body of its own healing capabilities.

Deep Tissue Massage can help you:

  • Decrease muscle tension and pain, and increase flexibility and mobility of joints
  • Alleviate physical and mental stress
  • Balance the nervous system thus affecting the entire body
  • Increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients to all cells of the body

My Deep Tissue Massage sessions may also incorporate aspects of Neuromuscular Massage Therapy and Sports Massage as I determine necessary to support you on your healing path.

While the name Deep Tissue Massage may imply a significant amount of pressure, it is ultimately your decision as to what feels appropriate and comfortable. Throughout the session, we will communicate about the pressure in order for you to receive the maximum benefit from the massage.

“Keira is the most outstanding massage therapist I have ever worked with. She wields a perfect balance of impressive strength and intuitive sensitivity.” –Wendy F., Graduate Program Assistant