2299 Pearl Street, Suite 402
Boulder, Colorado 80302
(303) 819-2523


2299 Pearl Street, Suite 402
Boulder, Colorado 80302

You can find McMahon Massage on the NW corner of 23rd and Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado. I am in the same building as the Sun Deli.


-1 hour parking directly in front of the building
-Reserved spots 25 or 26 on the West Side (back of the building)
-Unlimited time in spaces on the east side of 23rd (across from main entrance)
-Unlimited time street parking on Spruce Street or on 23rd, south of Pearl Street

Getting to Suite 402

Elevator: From the main entrance, there is elevator-only access to the 4th Floor. Once off the elevator, go through the glass doors, then take a right through another set of glass doors.

Stairs: Exterior stairs are available on the North side of the building. Take them to the top where you’ll see my business card on the door. Once inside, there is one more flight of stairs that ends in Suite 402.

Map to 2299 Pearl Street, Suite 402, Boulder, CO 80302: