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“Keira McMahon is an absolutely excellent massage therapist. Because of a birth defect and surgery in my cervical spine, it has been necessary for me to see a therapist for neuromuscular massage every two weeks for the past 16 years. I began seeing Keira two years ago. At each appointment, she checks to see where to it might be best to focus. She is intuitively gifted in identifying tight, stressed muscle areas and then gently relaxing those areas.  She shares confident, respectful and thoughtful care. Her excellent therapy has changed the quality of my life and I recommend her without reservation.” – Steve G., Pastor

“I’ve been a client of Keira’s for 4+ years after sustaining a back injury in a motorcycle accident. I was left with chronic, recurring pain and my Orthopedic recommended that I find a massage therapist who could go in deeply and relieve trigger points. I found Keira and she has been taking great care of me ever since. I love that she doesn’t follow a set formula for her work but, rather, listens to what I need and fashions each massage to that end. Add in the fact that she is super knowledgeable and very intuitive about finding areas that need work, she gives me great relief each and every massage. She has a great knack for knowing when to go deep and when to ease up, and is always willing to take my input and adjust accordingly. I believe that a good deal of my physical well being is due to Keira’s excellent care.” – John L., Musician

“Keira is the most outstanding massage therapist I have ever worked with. She wields a perfect balance of impressive strength and intuitive sensitivity. Her deep understanding of anatomy and the recovery and injury prevention needs of athletes has made working with her an essential part of my training regimen as a runner and cyclist.” – Wendy F., Graduate Program Assistant / Chair’s Assistant for the Dept. of Theatre & Dance

“I have been seeing Keira for 4 years, she keeps me moving, makes my life possible and helps me reach what was once impossible.” – Jennifer L., Interior Designer

“I would recommend Keira McMahon as your choice for an advanced professional body worker without reservation.  She has that rare combination of skill and empathy, particularly for those who sometimes give their body a bit more than it can reasonably handle — be it from physical pounding or work-related stress.
As a provider, Keira maintains healthy boundaries and has obviously done her own work — crucial for clients looking at massage as a means to help move through their own issues. She also possesses a terrific sense of humor and shows a remarkable ability to consistently be in the moment.” – Paul S., IT Leader

“I have been seeing Keira for massage therapy on a regular basis for almost 10 months now. I have found her work to be very effective and have noticed some big improvements in some chronically injured areas as well as increased performance in my athletic activities. She is capable of doing both restorative and very deep work but listens to her client and adjusts as necessary. Calm and professional, Keira is one of the best massage therapists I have seen in years and I highly recommend her.” –Debi V., Equestrian

“Keira has an amazing innate ability to zero in on areas of soreness/achiness that I was unaware I even had. Her massages melt away all the stress and tension and leave you feeling centered, energized and ready to face the day. The combination of her training, experience, strength, and amazing sense of intuition make Keira’s massages an incredible experience.” – Carlotta S., Computer Science

“After more than a year of a strict regimen of physical therapy (including exercise, traction, TENS unit and dry needling), I had to accept that no matter how committed I was, the results were fleeting. As skilled as these professionals are, this therapy did not provide the relief I sought.

I have had more relief from my regular visits to Keira than I had come to believe I could expect. Regular appointments, along with my commitment to strength building, have elevated my recovery to a greater expectation than I could have ever anticipated.

In addition to the therapeutic value of my medical treatment from Keira, she is hugely empathetic and appreciates that with injury comes emotion. Her heart has been kind while, more importantly, her hands have been healing. “ – Karen C., Consultant

“Between a hectic travel schedule and participation in a variety of sports, I seem to always be working through some sort of muscle tension. For the past five years, Keira has created a personalized program that provides ongoing relief.”  – Andy, H., Director-Warren Miller Entertainment